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FunKlicks is the most popular arcade banner exchange in the world serving millions of clicks each month to entertainment websites including arcade and entertainment websites.

We are the best choice for publishers with high-quality traffic because of our five tier geo-trade system, including a tier dedicated to U.S. traffic only.

125x125 Arcade
FunKlicks offers high-quality traffic and daily click bonuses for publishers.

Try our Paid Publisher program which has paid out thousands of dollars to arcades webmasters.

We have several large format banners including Leaderboard (728x90), Rectangle (300x250) and Tower (160x600). Use them as primary ads and as defaults for your ad networks.

FunKlicks GameAds allow developers to instantly monitize their AS2 and AS3 flash games with a dynamic 300x250 ad. Sign-up as a developer to try it out!


Girls Arcade

Racing Games

Game Plug

  • Support for many themes and sizes:

    • 125x125 Arcade
    • 100x100 Arcade
    • 100x100 Girls Arcade
    • 100x100 Racing
    • 300x250 Arcade
    • 728x90 Arcade
    • 160x600 Arcade
    • 1:1 Game Plug w/ custom sizes.

  • Five tier geo-trade system for publishers:

    • United States
    • English/Europe
    • Spanish
    • World
    • Asian

  • Daily click bonuses for publishers.

  • Automated real-time impression quality control protection for ads.

  • Sophisticated anti-abuse technology.

  • Cheaters are banned automatically.

  • Manual review of stats and logs.

  • In-depth member statistics reports.

  • Advertisers get optional priority delivery and no Asian traffic.

728x90 Leaderboard

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